Friday, February 27, 2009

Nokia N80Nokia N80 was instigated with the second wave of N Series cellular in November of 2005 and it included GSM / EDGE support and 3G WCDMA access into a beautiful slider form factor. Furthermore, Nokia N80 cell phone has many more splendid features that make it so attractive, such as 802.11g Wi Fi support and a SIP well-suited VOIP client, meaning you could hypothetically use the N80 with a VOIP supplier such as Broad Voice or Vonage. Furthermore, when you attach a 3 mega pixel camera to the mix and a very high resolution display, things begin to become visible very fascinating really.

Design of Nokia N80In Nokia N80 particulars, its designs format is the top of the list, a little cell phone, enclosed the slider phone measured 3.7 by 1.9 by 1.0 inches and 4.7 ounces weight. The Nokia N80 cell phone has a fine-looking 2.2-inch screen that possessed 262,144 types at 325x416-pixel resolution. Colors pop, and text and images are in exclusive style; it is surely one of the best cell phone displays, which is latest style in cell phone devices.
Underneath the screen you will see two soft keys, the controls are simple to use, the Talk and End button, an edit key, a four-way routing toggle with a center selection function, a menu shortcut, a multimedia key, and a Clear button. For the majority, but the toggle and the select button are as little bit small, so you have to press them watchfully. Due to its most excellent little shape, it is tight fit in a pocket and at ease to hold in the hand. It has pure black case, which enhances its attractiveness and beauty; while the Nokia n80 mobile phone is also accessible in stainless steel as well. To open the higher slide cover just push the face up and sliding system is horizontal and locks into place with a hard click. After opening the above slider you will have control to use the numerical pad. The keys are big and satisfactorily backlit, but the peak row of numbers are closely lined with the base of the open face, which may cause some difficulty for the users with bigger hands.

On the left spinal line, there is a small SD card hole, while the speaker and camera-initiating key are on the right side. The situation of the latter is mainly nice since, it replicates the feel of a real digital camera when held leveled, but it is a little bit out of your depth if you want to take a straight up picture. The lens of the camera is situated on the back along with a flash and a switch that allows you to replace from normal to close-up (macro) mode. There is no self-portrait reflect, but it is not essential since there is a second camera lens on the face of the phone, while it is located above the screen in the upper-right corner. At the time of buy Nokia n80, you will find the following Nokia n80 accessories like a USB cable, a stereo handset, ; an AC adapter, a wrist strap, a screen shimmy and a tiny 128 SD card.
Features of Nokia N80 Mobile PhoneNokia n80 has massive power of multimedia; it sports a 3-megapixel camera with video-recorder capabilities and 20X digital zoom. The width of customization and editing options are accessible on this cell phone and you can choose from eight shooting modes, ranging from photograph to sports to night portrait, and five different resolutions (1,280x960, 800x600) (2,048x1, 536) (1,600x1,200) and (640x480), and you have also More than a few other options of image capturing such as contrast, white balance, color tone, brightness and exposure worth in this mobile.
The Nokia n80’s camera records video clips with voice in MP4 or 3GP formats with up to 5X zoom. For pictures, you can put clipart or text and reduce red-eye, while you can cut audio, neat clips for multimedia messages, and more for videos. Nokia n80 cell phone also provides photo allotment facility in finest way as evaluate to others cell phones, by using Nokia’s Xpress Solution you can easily print photos, upload them on the net and transfer them to the other cellular device.
Nokia n80 also provides more amenities for amusement because it has a powerful music player that supports MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A and eAAC+files. You can easily fill up your mobile memory by drag and drop files from your pc to the n80 throughout USB cable. N80 also provide you FM capability and you can utilize this feature by using headset.Nokia n80 cell phone will facilitate you with good memory power of address book, 40 MB memory is obtainable for address book and the SIB care holds 250 supplementary contacts.For multiple phone figures there are some rooms like; birthday, home, work, email addresses and for Caller ID purpose you can allocate a unique ring tone from 37 Nokia n80 ring tones.
Nokia n80 also have impressive Bluetooth 1.2, WiFi (802.11g), and an infrared port and the handset also supports Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), which means it can attach to TVs and home stereos over an 802.11g Wi-Fi network. Nokia n80 games also provide high rate of graphics, sound and best amusement facilities to mobiles user, furthermore the Nokia n80 themes quality is also very high and it has many colorful themes it is memory. The N80's Web browser offers the outstanding functionality; it based on the Symbian S60 software platform, the browser tries to prove a "true Web experience," according to Nokia, and includes some neat features.
Performance of Nokia N80 Nokia n80 mobile phone has superior call quality and according to n80’s users that n80’s speakerphone, sound and volume quality is also brilliant. While using the Nokia n80 cell phone’s Bluetooth no problem is founded during traveling data.
Surfing the Web on the N80 is a pleasant experience and web pages loaded fairly speedily, but we noticed a bit of wait time when switching during applications. Music playback is also sweet good quality and audio was hard and loud, but since the speaker is situated on only the right side, sound was unsophisticated.

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